Saturday, September 08, 2012

Crash Nitro Kart - Road to Velo - part 2

The character of Emperor Velo was the first thing I delved into when work on Crash Nitro Kart commenced in 2002. These are the next group of concept sketches I came up with. I was going for the idea and the design and not really thinking in terms of someday exhibiting the work. Thus the looseness of the drawings. That's how I initially approach developing and exploring the look of a character. I focus on the conceptual design although drawing well is still an important priority that I keep in mind. First time these images have been published.


Pat Caldora said...

Nice Charles!

Hey Charles, did you know that today is Crash's 16th Anniversary? Happy Birthday Crash!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Pat. There's a lot of Velo development art along with CNK in general.

Happy Birthday Crash! If he was born the day the first game was released he'd be in his second or third year of high school by now.