Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crash Nitro Kart - Road to Velo - part 4

Continuing with our journey of retracing the steps to Emperor Velo in Crash Nitro Kart from 2002. Of the next set of concept sketches the middle one below is the drawing that eventually led to the character. Although there were a few more ideas to follow it was the second image presented here that got the affirmative response from Vicarious Visions which eventually established his final look.


Pat Caldora said...

Nice Charles!

I do like the second one the best, it fits him well but all the other ones are awesome too!

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Is interesting to notice that there isn't a gradual evolution on the design of the character, instead is a study of various ideas totally different each other.

Charles Z said...

Thanks guys. If there isn't a clear idea of what a character will look like I experiment with different versions and styles until a direction is established. Then it becomes a matter of refining the look. These sketches of Velo in development are a good example of the concept process.