Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Special Projects

Last year I worked on a special project that was in the development stage with its art. Special projects are interesting to work on mostly because they almost never see the light of day and rarely get produced but they make for a great excuse to generate new art and explore new concepts. The third picture down is a gray tone Photoshop rendering of the second drawing. I did this while the project was in progress on my own to get an idea of how to distribute tonal relationships. Gray tone renderings are valuable in this regard. There's  a good amount of art I created from this project that hasn't been seen before and is waiting to be published.


Unknown said...

Nice Charles!

The first one looks as though it came from Jak's early development stages!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Pat. There's a lot of art from this project too. It was done hanging out with the creative team at restaurants on weekends here in town. We'd draw and eat and draw some more.

They were looking for something of a mix between Jak & Daxter and Avatar. These are early images. I'll be showing more.