Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reworking Classic Crash

I've been thinking about the design of Crash Bandicoot recently thanks to comments that visitors to my blog have been leaving. Mostly along the lines of what I would do with the look of Crash if I was in a situation to be working on the character again. If that were the case I'd like to experiment with some retooling of his design. This sketch of Crash is something along those lines. There's a slight variation in his body mass along with some changes to his ears and the placement of his arms along his torso. The biggest change would be in the way that his mouth is integrated with his head and body. I've been coming up with a few more concepts of Crash with a modified look. This is going to be a fun side project. I'll follow up with more soon.

By the way...

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Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Awesome! It looks like a mixture of all his design but with more old school features like the shoes, gloves and pants. But What about the colors? Are like the original or like CNK or totally different?I am so curious about this ;)

Pat Caldora said...

I'm lovin it Charles! I'm lovin it!

It looks exactly like from the original concept from Crash 1!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Gabriele and Pat. I've drawn a couple more versions of Crash and will continue to explore this. Let's see where goes visually. I'll play with color as well.

Tha Tai said...

This actually made me so incredibly happy ;___; You have no idea. I've been a huge hardcore fan ever since I was 3 (Pretty much ever since it first debuted!) And because of him I practiced drawing him, then humans, and eventually everything, everyday.

I'm now Taking 2d/3d animation courses. Gah I feel like I'm going off tangent, but gosh for some reason looking at this is filling me with incredible motivation again.

Also I love his design! It would be so cool to see him rendered in today's modern technology. I can't wait to see more concepts! If a new game would be made, everyone would get a huge nostalgic whiff, It would be great ha ha. I could also imagine this design in the All-stars game.

Wow, I wrote a wall of text, sorry.

Charles Z said...

Hello Tha Tai and thanks for your comments. I'm glad these drawings of Crash are well received and bringing happiness to fans like yourself. It motivates me to do more. Good luck with your animation studies and thanks for your inspiring story.