Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crash Coco Pura and Baby T - part 4

Ooops! There's one more picture of Crash and Coco and their pets that I passed over without realizing it. Am posting this to complete the exhibition. It's another foreshortened composition very similar in nature to the previous one in the line up only Pura's and Baby T's bodies are more visible. Dated February 26 1998. Photocopy from the original created at Naughty Dog's facilities at the Universal Studio lot.


Matt said...

How were the eyebrows coloured? It looks like felt tip pen to me.

Also could we see some Tiny or Ripper Roo artwork soon please?

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

It looks like the other one, but it's actually a little different. Love it!

Hey Charles, take a look at this video that Andy Gavin posted in his blog:

Jacob Couch said...

I love the angle here. I wish this art had been used, it had a lot of potential.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comment Jacob.

Gabriele thanks for the link. Enjoyed the animation of Crash very much.

Matt I think I used blue pencil and black line. Probably used a Sharpie for darkening the eyebrows.

Charles Z said...

Matt - I'll see what I have for Tiny Tiger and Ripper Roo.

Matt said...

Yay! :)