Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep the faith Crash

Follow this link to the Bring Back Bandicoot Petition


Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

It's sad that we can't do anything other than wait and see.
With a friend I create da new Crash game, I created the graphics and he did the programming. Here is a video if you want to see it: (The music is from a game called Rayman Origins that is spectacular)

That's the only thing we can do as fans: continue the series ourselves with fan games but also with fan art, fan comics, fan fictions and everything else we can do.

I won't forget Crash, he changed my artistic mind with his art style, gameplay, story and everything else and I will always thank you, Joe and the entire ND team for creating him. The sad thing is that I can't be a Crash fan because I didn't enjoyed the majority if the games, the ones after Crash Bash, some are too similar to the old ones, some are totally different in style or in everything, and no one captured the feeling that the original trilogy and Crash Team Racing gave to me. I still hope that Crash return in some form or another, so the character won't be forgotten, even if it's something I'll never enjoy like the latest installment in the series, but Crash deserves to survive, and be the hero of a new generation of gamers.
On the other hand a new game developed by the original team with you and Joe involved in the project (and credited for all your amazing work) would be my dream, but I know that's not going to happen.

Sorry if I wrote too much, I just wanted to express my feelings on Crash, and his situation right now.

Charles Z said...

Ya never know how things will turn out Gabriele. I think we'll see Crash Bandicoot return in the future. In the meantime we can help by keeping Crash alive among the fan base.

For example, I see the continuing life of Crash Bandicoot in the video you created. I see Crash in fan art. For me, I can see Crash whenever I want. All I have to do is draw him and he's alive.

I don't need Activision to make Crash happen. I don't rely on a company sitting on the franchise to make Crash happen for me. As long as there's creativity involving Crash then there's life for Crash.

If we stay creatively active we keep Crash alive and there's always hope for something big again in the future.

Unknown said...

I'd rather let Crash rest in peace then let another studio create a trash game after the other.. what I mean is that the games after the PSX era were not the same. ok, wrath of cortex and twinsanity were ok. really. but what happened to crash in the mutant/titans games, is not acceptable. the redesign and the whole ne concept of the gameplay let my interest fade away.

I hope the studio realize that. "never change a running system". look at ratchet and clank. The next installment is heading in november and it's going to be amazing, after the little not so happy experiment with all4one and q force. it's going to be a a game like the CLASSIC ones.

That's what me and most of the 'old school' fans want, That's the reason why we loved and love Crash (the original Crash).

Thank you.

Pat Caldora said...

Ah, another great Crash art piece Charles!

@Unknown, not to sound mean but why would you want Crash dead in the water? I mean, did you happen to try Titans and MOM? They were quite good in terms of gameplay mechanics. But I wouldn't just downright hate it for the redesigns and the art style. Game franchises go through all sorts of design phases (i.e. Sonic) to appeal to a new generation of gamers.

It also irritates me how people bash the later games without giving them a shot. The developers were trying to come up with ways to Crash's gameplay more enjoyable and tried to up the ante. Sure, they're far different from the originals but as they say, don't knock it 'till you try it.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

@Pat: I think the problem is not the game itself but the fact that is associated with something but is shaped like something else completely different.
You know you have a bad Crash Bandicoot game when if you change the title nobody will notice the similarities with past tiles, and the Titans games are like that for a lot of people.
Personally I tried every single Crash game I could, I played COTT in co-op for like 10 minutes one day and never again because it's boring and repetitive, and I'm not talking about the redesigns or gameplay changes, a "tradition" that started with CNK and never stopped.
I don't hate those games, I just ignore them because I don't like them, sure I wish for a new game to be more like Crash 2 and 3 in free-roaming, but I'm aware that a lot of people like the new games, someone even more than the old ones, and if the next game is going to be a new Titans or even a totally new thing, like Crash of Duty (stupid example) I won't be mad, because at least I will know that the franchise is being used again, but there will be people that want something more, something better and will complain.

@Charles: Your words are encouraging, as a fan I will always keep Crash alive with drawings and animations and fan games, it's sad that WE have to do it instead of how is in charge of the character. Sometimes looks like they don't even care, yesterday Sony posted a tweet were they wished happy 17th birthday to Crash and they complimented to Naughty Dog. Activision did nothing.
I hope things will turn for the better in the future.

David said...

That 's what I'm saying , while Crash remains in the hands of Activision, nothing will happen . They have not launched a single game Crash in nearly five years , except for small mobile games . They canceled 2 or 3 games and Crash have not carried to the next generation of consoles , they have not released any games for PS3 , since it already served half of his useful life and the PS4 is about to be published in the market. Not to mention Crash underwent several changes and redesigns misplaced by Activision and other companies after ND .

Activision has not proven to be on point to handle a heavyweight classic character of the video game industry like Crash . They didn't passed the test, they left the balance in red. For some time to this part, Activision threw Crash in the basement, like a crummy device. They mistreated and squandered the potential of Crash. Do you think that Nintendo would do the same with Mario, or Sega with Sonic? Altough Activision is not the creator and original owner of Crash, at least they should have been treated him better and not the way they did.

As Gabriele said, it is unacceptable that we, the fans, try to keep alive to Crash through drawings, animations and games instead of who is in charge of the character, being that this is precisely their job, not ours. And that's what Activision seems not to understand. We need to change this as soon as possible, people from Activision has to realize what Crash means and all the potential he has and make games according to his greatness and what is really is, make Crash back to be again as before, as he was with ND. If Activision does not notice and continues to act in the same way , let's take away the rights of Crash to them and give them to Naughty Dog (or Sony who is now the owner) or any other company that wants to do things right.

David said...

Gabriele, can you show me the link of the tweet from Sony where they wish happy birthday to Crash? I've been looking and I didn't find it.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Here it is from PlayStation Australia: