Saturday, August 17, 2013

History of Spyro on Did You Know Gaming?

Hello there everyone. Well I got a pleasant surprise today. The Animation Students League at Cal State Northridge sent this over. I taught at the university from 2007 to 2011. The league was founded during the time I was there and it's good to know I'm still remembered. Thank you CSUN.

A video went on YouTube today. It's has 73,333 views already. It features the history of how the Spyro the Dragon franchise came to be. At 1:35 of the video is where I get a mention and a view of some of the development art I did in 1997. And they almost pronounced my name right!


Matt said...

Been waiting for the history of Spyro since the history of Crash video came out.

Great that you got a mention Charles!

Amber A. said...

Cool that you mentioned this! Not sure if you saw their Crash Bandicoot history video that they also posted, but in that, they showcase your concept art for Crash! Here's a link to that video just in case you did not catch it.:

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Interesting story, I didn't know that! I saw the original spyro concepts in a website a long time ago and he looked really different from his final design.

Charles Z said...

Matt - I was surprised to hear my name mentioned. That doesn't happen very often in videos like these. They didn't get it quite right with the pronunciation but I could tell the narrator was trying.

Amber - I've seen the video about Crash before. The biggest difference between that and the Spyro one is that Spyro is accurate. The Crash one has some questionable accounts when it comes to how things came about. From what I experienced I think there's some details that are not quite right. But Spyro is pretty much spot on from what I can tell.

Gabriele - Spyro went through several phases before his final design was achieved.

By the way folks, the video has 354,922 views so far in just 2 days.

Matt said...

Us fans as outsiders probably look past some of the bad and hope things didn't go wrong or people got screwed by other people and so on.. I personally see it as the Naughty Dog Crash games are perfect and everybody got along very well, obviously something happened but I doubt us fans will find out everything that went down.

I still have massive respect for everybody that contributed towards the Naughty Dog Crash games!

Charles Z said...

That's a good attitude to have Matt.