Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Best of Jak and Daxter - Part 5 - Miners

One aspect of the development of Jak and Daxter in 2000 - Project Y at the time - was a group of characters that were miners. I came up with several versions but these are the two that I'm partial to.


Mike Cervantes said...

nice, hey Charles do you go over the original design with the black pen or do you scan and do it on the computer?

Charles Z said...

This was all analog Mike. The black line was a fine point marker or gel pen or something like that. I drew the line directly on top of the blue pencil sketch. Each drawing was done on 11" x 17" paper. Upon completion I photocopied the images and faxed them to Naughty Dog. I would work in the middle of the night after class so they could have the designs by the morning when they came in for the day.