Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Crash Bandicoot 1 - Warthogs

Someone asked recently about the warthog characters that appear in the first Crash game in 1996. I dug up some images from the development of the warthog.

In the beginning he was conceived as a sumo wrestler. Naughty Dog decided they didn't want this guy and other incidental characters to emerge as full personalities. Instead they opted for simple versions of what the animal would look like in real life. These drawings are dated March 1995 back when Crash was a wombat named Willy.


SpashTheBandragon said...

Awesome picture. I've heard the warthog would have returned in the 2010 Crash Landed game if it hadn't been cancelled.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

That's awesome! really really awesome! Thank you so much for this! I love the Sumo design, I wish he was used in some other games as a boss.
Hey Charles, does the Hog have a name like the other ridable characters like Pura and Polar?

Pat Caldora said...

Hey there Charles, nice warthog designs!

There must of been dozens of anthropomorphic that didn't make the cut (you shown us a batch of them last year). I wonder if ND went with the Sumo Hog, he would've been Cortex's henchmen.

ND posted the second sketch of the warthog on their website but they removed your signature (kind of a credit stealing move on their part):

Hey Charles, where you inspired by Pumbaa from The Lion King when coming up with the boar/warthog?

Mike Cervantes said...

Very cool, I remember how you told us to push our designs by using large versus small shapes.

Charles Z said...

Thanks everyone. Glad that this is well received.

Gabriele - The character never had a name as far as I know.

Pat - The Lion King didn't have much to do with it on my part. If anything I would try and make the design as different from the characters in the movie as possible.

Mike - A high degree of contrast in the volume of shapes used within a character tends to make the design more appealing and interesting.