Sunday, November 03, 2013

Dragon character rotation

This is how I wrapped up my week at the Academy. Helping students understand the importance of being able to create a rotation on their character design concepts.

Here's the initial doodle where an idea for a dragon based character started to emerge.

I tried a couple of variations along the theme of my initial sketch and got a little farther on the character.

When I had enough of a direction established I proceeded to the rotation whereby I modified the anatomy of the character somewhat. I did this rotation on an animation disk with five separate pages using punched 12 field paper. I hope you find this educational and creatively inspiring.


Ashley Treacy said...

I really love how it just looks so solid and there isn't a huge expression on his face but it still shows so much personality.I find your blog posts incredibly helpful

Unknown said...

Those are awesome sketches, rotating the character is not an easy thing to do.

Charles Z said...

Thank you Ashley and Mike! Rotations may not be easy but you get better with practice. I make rotations a significant part of teaching character design. They're the bridge between concept and production.