Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crash Bandicoot 1 - Monkey and Gorilla

You may remember last year when I posted a design for a character from the original Crash / Willy the Wombat that was a thug kind of monkey. I found the revised version and would like to include that as well. I also found a design for a gorilla character. These are all from March 1995.


Unknown said...

Hey there Charles! Nice designs on the primates!

The monkey design you just posted appeared in ND's website long ago and I believe it's the original:

Monkeys appreaed in Crash 1 were they're in appeared in the fortress of the Natives. They appeared in Crash 2 in the ruins of the island.

The gorilla design is new to me though. He appeared in Crash 2 in the ruins area as an enemy.

Gabriele.T92 said...

I remember the gorilla from Crash Bandicoot 2, it throws really fast logs at you, like Donkey Kong if you will.
By the way, all this humanized characters were going to be boosess? or Random enemies that ND decided to transform into normal "unmutated" animals? And why that gorilla has an hat and nothing else? I looks so funny because his appearence is in contrast with the tipical gentleman hat he is wearing. That's the type of humor that I miss in newer Crash: He doesn't need jokes or pop cultural references, he just need Tom & Jerry death animations and funny looking designs.
In the last game they transformed everyone in a parody of some real life person nobody cares about, but I digress.

Charles Z said...

Thanks Pat! I appreciate the links and info you provide.

Gabriele - At the time after the design of the bosses we made the shift towards incidental characters. Having worked up Willy / Crash to that point I assumed that the remaining characters would have some sort of unique personality and behavior traits. That wasn't the case as ND decided to keep this group simple.

Also I agree about pop culture references. It's happening in a lot of areas of entertainment especially in animation.

Unknown said...

really nice primate designs Charles.