Friday, November 23, 2012

Crash in color

A few days ago on November 12 my blog entry was a picture of Crash I came up with which I intended on painting in a traditional medium like acrylics. I wound up using Photoshop instead. This is how it turned out earlier today. Keep the petition going!

Follow this link to the Bring Back Bandicoot Petition


Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Ths is awesome! I love it! There aren't many Crash Bandicoot colored arts like this.

Pat Caldora said...

I love this Charles! I love how much detail you put into coloring it. Like the shading on the pants, hairs, ears, etc... Nice work!

Manuel Llanos said...

It's awesome! :_)

Charles Z said...

Thanks guys. I figured you'd like the jump from rough sketches to more of a presentation piece. Line work by hand with brush and digital color works out nice.

If you like this I think you're gonna dig what I've got on the way with my next project.