Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oldy but Goody

Hi everyone. I've been working on a project that I plan to launch early next year in January 2013. I recalled that there was some concept work I created for the project a long time ago but couldn't find it anywhere. Then I remembered that it could've been in a sketch book I kept. The search was on and I found the scketchbook. Indeed the material I was looking for was there I'm happy to say. And to my astonishment there was much more.

I discovered a time capsule of art I forgot that I had done. Some of them going back to my earliest days working in animation. Here's an example of what I found. Perhaps the oldest drawing in the book. It was created in 1982 when I was working at Filmation Studios. There was a period between the time I was hired and the start of the original He-Man series where I was in the studio's development department working on ideas for new cartoons. One of my concepts was a cat and mouse idea inspired by Tom and Jerry but not Tom and Jerry. This is the drawing I did for that idea.

It was folded and pressed between the pages of the sketchbook. Drawn in blue pencil on animation paper that was taped together cuz I got carried away and drew too big. I scanned the image without any retouch so you can see it in its actual state. For me personally it's a real treat to have found this again and the experience is adding to my creative enthusiasm as of late. Hope you enjoy it. Click on the image for a better view.


Unknown said...

I love that old sketch Charles because I'm in fact a huge fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. It reminds me alot like the shorts with Jerry as a Musketeer (or a Mouseketeer in that matter) and the guard as Tom. Nicely done!

Charles Z said...

I might've been inspired by that Pat. I was being impressed with a lot of influences at the time but still looking for my own way of doing things. That's what I was trying o achieve with this drawing back then.