Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Well dressed rodent

I love to paint and I had a good time coming up with this subject back in 2003 as a class demonstration in visual development. Sketched in pencil on watercolor board I used acrylics to bring out the color for a fun character. Kind of an old school gangster in the Chicago style. I kept the image simple and used a classic technique in bringing out form by laying down transparent tones in a monochromatic wash and then following up with heavier applications of pigment. You can see the layers in the emergence of the image.


Pat Caldora said...

I do like this piece of art Charles. The rat strongly resembles Pinstripe Potorooo. What with the rat-like appearance, clothes, etc... Did you take inspiration from Pinstripe when creating this Charles?

Walter G. said...

One of my favorites Charles.

Charles Z said...

Thanks Walter. Great seeing you here! Hope everything is going well.

Pat the resemblance is incidental. I didn't have Pinstripe in mind when I came up this. It was pretty much a spontaneous creation that I did on the spur of the moment.