Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jak and Daxter history - The Road to Jak - Part 12

Between my last post on the development of Jak and the images you see here there were more designs that I came up with along the lines of this version. I'm skipping over them for the most part because this is what I wound up with as far as my last pass on working up the character that would be Jak. It was the best of this group. You can also see that as I progressed I included side and back views of the design to assist modelers and to give the principles at Naughty Dog a better idea of how the character looked with dimension.

At this point Naughty Dog took over while I went to exploring the many other characters that would comprise the project. When I saw Jak next it was the final version they came up with based upon the direction this path had taken assimilated with elements I was coming up with designs other than Jak. The one big difference in this case being the hairdo in the final version which was derivative of Dragonball Z. That did not come from me. By the second Jak game his hair style went back more towards what you see above. Most of what I did on J&D was conceptual trailer blazing intended to give the artists at Naughty Dog a foundation for the project. Some of my designs were used much more literally as is the case with Daxter. I'll be showcasing this aspect of the game's development next in future entries. 


Hunter H said...

Looking back at your older posts I gotta say I love this incarnation of jak he has a great figure and shows a lot of character.just thought I mention Charles Z

Charles Z said...

Thank you Hunter H. Glad you appreciate the design.