Monday, November 12, 2012

Come Back Crash

A few days ago I was getting another Crash sketch ready. This time I drew Crash on Strathmore paper which is heavier than regular drawing paper and suitable for painting with watercolors or acrylics. This is what I came up with initially. 

I intended to paint the image and started with inking a final line in prep for color. Then I got busy and the distractions pulled me away but at least I got this far and with luck I'll be able to finish it either with acrylics or in Photoshop. 

Then I got to thinking about the Bring Back Bandicoot campaign and something came to mind. Instead of including "Bring Back Crash" text along with the image as I usually do how about changing it to "Come Back Crash". It has a different connotation. "Bring Back" makes it an appeal. "Come Back" makes it more of an encouragement. Something that can supplement the Bring Back with a Crash Comeback some day.

Follow this link to the Bring Back Bandicoot Petition


Unknown said...

Charles, that has got to be one of the greatest drawings of Crash you ever did! I love the look of it, the way he runs, the happy go lucky look on his face, it makes it all perfect! Again, thanks Charles for helping us supporting our petition to bring Crash back!

gaetano said...

Hello Charles, my name is Gaetano, I really love your drawings and I really love Crash Bandicoot, I really like your style of drawing and I love drawing ever inspired your style of drawing, but often my drawings always have a defect I was wondering if you could teach me something on the basis of a pattern like ... like starting to draw crash bandicoot or spyro the dragon how? I would be very grateful! :)

Sorry for my english XD

Charles Z said...

Thanks Pat. Glad you like the drawing as much as you do.

Hi Gaetano. The key to drawing good characters is in the fundamentals. I take a basic approach to both design and the drawing. Develop your core skills and apply your imagination and you'll come up with appealing work. I try to communicate general info on a certain level at times through the blog. Hopefully you can pick up on some of that. I do plan on creating videos in the future. When I get to that point I can be more thorough. I'll keep in mind what you posted.

Unknown said...

Amazing blog Charles, thank you so much for never giving up on the inspirational character! just wondered what materials and tools you use for your sketches and coloured concept art? thanks!

Charles Z said...

Hi Toby. I use a variety of mediums. I like to use Col-erase blue pencils (model 20044) by Prismacolor for blue line drawing. They have other colors too which come in handy. I use black line pens such as Uniball or ball point pens. Sometimes 6B soft lead pencils. I color with watercolors and acrylics and markers. I use Photoshop as well. Pretty much anything that's around or that I feel would work for what I'm doing.