Thursday, February 28, 2013

Early Skeletor production drawing 1983

This is for the He-Man fans out there. I have a large volume of unpublished works from the original He-Man TV series from the 1980s and She-Ra as well. I'll be feeding more images as often as I can. Here's something to share. I'm not sure which episode it's from but it dates to early 1983 and is among the very first production drawings every created of Skeletor. I thought it was from "The Cosmic Comet" episode of He-Man but I don't think that's the case. If someone out there recognizes this from a first season He-Man cartoon they've seen I'd appreciate it if they could place it within a historical context. You have the power. ;)


Grimbot said...

It's from She-Demon of Phantos. :)

Grimbot said...

Here's how it ended up looking in the episode:

Emerson said...

Thank you for another piece of your collection, Mr. Zembillas. It is always a pleasure to watch this art.

And thanks Grimbot.

Charles Z said...

Thanks Emerson. And thank you Grimbot! That's very impressive! I watched the entire episode of "She-Demon of Phantos" on YouTube to be sure and it is indeed from that show.

As I recall that is technically numbered episode 5 from the first season of He-Man but it was the first to go into production along with "The Cosmic Comet". They were being done simultaneously as Filmation was beefing up its crew.

I have a lot more art to show from my days at Filmation and will get to as much of it as I can in the days ahead.

Thanks again!

ToonJukka said...

I see Grimbot beat me to it. Excellent art and very happy to see more MOTU-goodness Charles! :)

Charles Z said...

Hi ToonJukka. Thanks for checking in. There's more on the way. Lots more actually. Never before seen art from the original He-Man and She-Ra. Also Bravestarr. Are you familiar with that cartoon? It was the follow up to MOTU from Filmation in the mid 1980s. There's a large collection from all three.