Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last project for Rhythm & Hues 2008

If you watched tonight's Academy Awards this evening you would have seen that the Oscar was given to "Life of Pi" which was the work of a studio by the name of Rhythm & Hues. A major FX house for Hollywood who had won Oscars before. They declared bankruptcy the other day and this has thrown a big spotlight on the problems within that sector of motion picture production. I did several projects for R&H back in the mid 1990s about the time I was working on Crash and Spyro. My first project with them was the movie "Mouse Hunt".

I  came up with these drawings on August 10, 2008. They were in a tight spot and needed some character concept designs for an insulin commercial that was happening. I don't know what happened with the project but the designs I did for them are here for all to see. I created these on a Sunday and the work was delivered by the start of the next day to begin their week. 

This was fun. I liked the characters and the nature of the challenge. I attempted to develop an array of safe and encouraging characters with lots of charm for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Here's my contribution to the last R&H project I was involved with...

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