Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Baby T concept art

Not sure how much of this has been previously published but in any case here's some concept development art for another character from Crash Bandicoot. This time it's Crash's pet dinosaur. A baby Tyrannosaurus  Rex which was eventually named Baby T. He appeared in Crash 3. As with the other art I've been posting from this phase of Crash these are photocopies of the originals which I made at the time they were created. Unfortunately in some of these drawings I didn't capture the entire image but at least I kept a record of what I came up with.

The first image is the initial concept development of the character and is dated February 12 1998. The ones that follow are from a week later on February 19 1998.


Pat Caldora said...

Hooray! More Crash art! Now with Baby T!

The first one is new to my eyes Charles, the last two were featured on ND's old website. I still remember playing the prehistoric levels in Warped riding on the Baby T.

Also Charles, here's the rest of the art featuring Baby T:

This one was done probably by Bob Rafei:

I also noticed how your take on Crash during Warped's production changed a bit too.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Oh yeah! One of my favourite characrter in all his drawn glory!
Baby T. looks amazing in the first drawing, the other two were featured in the old ND Crash Bandicoot site and they are amazing too.
By the way, did you have some infos on Baby T.? Who came up with the name? Were his parents supposed to appear at some point like Polar's mom?

Charles Z said...

Pat I have copies of the art that's featured on those links. I'll be following up with those and more in days ahead. The way I was drawing Crash did change at the time. I was adapting or modifying him according to how comfortable I was in portraying the character. I was getting used to drawing Crash and he was coming out in a way that wasn't as clumsy for me as before.

Gabriele I have no info about Baby T other than the art you see. Sometimes ND would have a concept in mind and a name for a character like Dingodile for example and I'd develop the idea. Sometimes the names and more details about the character would come about later after I came up with concept art.

Matt said...

Can I request some Spyro Art please? I am particularly interested in the Gnorcs and Gnasty Gnorc.

Jacob Couch said...

It's really nice to see how Baby T. originally looked more like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. But it was great to see him softened more so I assume Crash wouldn't get freaked out! XD

Did you know T was originally going to be in Crash of the Titans?(Back in early development when the game was entitled, "Crash Jackin.")

Also Charles, I plan on drawing some sketches soon. I'll post them soon!

Gribouille Smiley said...

Crash : Go Yoshi! XD