Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of N Tropy - Part 7

The next phase of the development of N Tropy was to make some dimensional sense of what was taking shape. These drawings are dated February 12 1998. They were created at Naughty Dog as I was working in the top floor corner conference room at the main office structure at Universal Studios. Those days were happy times! 

The paraphernalia on his body machine was over the top for the original PlayStation console. I was thinking that it could be created as a texture in Photoshop and then placed over the polygon structure of the modeled character. The pistons were over complex as well with elements that operated as flexible joints at the top.  You can see a little schematic I doodled on the back view. I opted to keep the exhaust pipes. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice design you have! :O

He seems to be really snappy.. XD

[Sorry my bad English, I used translator. I'm from Finland... so... greetings from Finland!]

Unknown said...

Tropy looked like he was gonna fall over back then, because of all the clock machinery that was attached. Very nice (and complex, may I add) for his early design. I'm guessing the Exhaust pipes on his back were to make him travel? Much like the Delorean from Back to the Future (just what I assume.)

Also Charles, one thing I was wondering recently about you and the ND team at Universal; Did ya'll get free exclusive passes to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park since you guys worked within Universal? Or did you guys just work 24/7?

Charles Z said...

Thanks dj_lecter and welcome. He's expression is that way because he was envisioned as a mean, sinister character. Not a nice guy.

Jacob - The exhaust pipes were part of the functionality of his time travel device. It was as much about design and the look of the contraption as it was technology.

We were on the lot so Universal Studios was accessible to us if we chose to go exploring. I was there for work so I didn't go out much at all. Still the commissary was available for lunch, walking around the sound stage area, etc. Once a few years ago I was at Universal for another reason and took a golf cart ride with a friend to the back entrance of City Walk for lunch. There's ways to get around the lot if you work there.

Gabriele.T92 said...

Ehi Charles, Looks like you worked more on the Tropy's machinery than the character's face, it looks really great, but maybe too complex. All the characters are really simple and without lots of details (something that went missing in next designs).

However I really like the incredible ammount of stuff that you put in it, it looks amazing!

Charles Z said...

In the development process you explore whatever comes to mind. It wasn't detail for the sake of detail. It was more about the humor or absurdity of the contraption. Simplifying the device was a better choice all things considered as we shall see in the next entry.