Monday, June 03, 2013

The impact of color

Consider this line drawing. Fun and interesting to look at. The character is different and has some intriguing possibilities. Although the quality is good as it's pretty much supported by nothing but line work.

Next up is the color version of the image. Markers on a photocopy keeps the line work from being affected by the pigment. What a difference! You really get a much better sense of the character.

Created in 1996 as a class demo while I saw teaching at a school called Associates In Art in Sherman Oaks California. The school is no longer around but the experience lives on by virtue of the art that came about.


Jacob Couch said...

Ooooooh! This one is perfect Charles! It looks like a Character out of the Ren & Stimpy show. He just looks menacing and everything. Fantastic job Charles. Sorry I haven't been on your blog recently, I'm too busy dealing with some personal things in life.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comments Jacob.