Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crash Bandicoot in the wilderness

Now for something a little different. The Crash fans out there will enjoy this. It's a true story. I was hiking in the wilderness north of Los Angeles in 2006. I passed close to this big tree in the middle of an open field. Sometimes I'd go to the tree to see what I could find. There's usually remnants that people who've hung out there before left behind.

As I got closer to the tree I noticed a brightly colored object on the ground. It was located in a clear area that surrounds the tree at its base.

Lo and behold look what I found! It was a little Crash Bandicoot game just lying there in the dirt! Someone had been there at one time playing it. Must have been a prize from a McDonalds happy meal or something like that.

Imagine the feeling I had seeing this in the middle of nowhere. Ten years after the first game was released there's Crash and Cortex battling it out in a little hand held video game lying about in the California countryside. It must have been my destiny to walk the path that day. 


Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Strange but okay LOL! And oh my God that stupid Twinsanity designs are everywere! Why nobody vcares about classic Crash Bandicoot anymore?

Pat Caldora said...

Nice discovery there Charles! I remember you show these pics on your Animation Nation forum!