Thursday, August 02, 2012

Early Spyro

Hard to believe that at one time the character that would become Spyro the Dragon actually looked like this when the project was first developed in 1997.

By the following year I had established my own school and used the image as a subject for a class demonstration. I rendered it in gray markers to show my students the importance of tonal relationships within a composition.

Sometime later after I learned Photoshop I used this once again as a demonstration in digital color tinting. By utilizing the gray tone image as a base it was easy to add color through the application of transparent layers.

Looking back on the origin of the character imagine what Spyro would have been like if the decision was made to use this design instead of going forward with exploratory development. He's a fun dragon but do you think he's as appealing as what he eventually turned out to be? 

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