Monday, March 04, 2013

Blue Fairy of a different kind

Last week in the Visual Development class at my school I had the chance to create a fun demonstration. One of my students suggested that I come up with a fairy so I did. I started with a soft lead graphite pencil and sketched out the concept. Next I went straight to a fine point black line pen and committed to the image.

This evening I picked up the drawing and worked it to another level by shading it with blue pencil as an example of how to handle tonal values and enhance the composition.

This was great fun. I enjoyed coming up with this little gal. Maybe we'll see her again someday. 


gaetano said...

It's beautiful :D , hey Mr.Charles can you draw Goku from Dragonball? :D

Charles Z said...

Thanks Gaetano. Glad you like this. To be honest I don't get into drawing other established characters that I didn't design. I don't enjoy it at all for whatever reason. I would rather spend the time coming up with something completely new. This is just the way I am. Hope you can appreciate where I'm coming from.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

So cute and beatifully drawn. We are still waiting for that project that inspired Crash Bandicoot back in the '94 :D

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comment Gabriele. I'm considering different ways of getting the project launched. Talking to a different people about the best way to move forward. Looking to get rolling with as soon as I sort these things out.