Sunday, March 10, 2013

Animation Day 3

It's been a long tiome since I've featured something the the Animation Day series I was doing a few years ago to promote and inspire the idea of a Holiday for animation and art. I organized an annual event for the animation industry every year on the afternoon of April 1 from, 1999 to around 2008. Here's some of what I featured before on the blog to tie these together. 

A recurring design theme was a smiley sun face. In this quick sketch from 2007 I drew it in an unusual way as part of a trophy or award. I like this concept and might revisit the composition to experiment with the central female image. Photoshop was used to blacken the areas around a blue pencil drawing. Then I worked on the color balance and gave it a little more zap. This was fun! I enjoyed working on it even though it was simple.

This year's Animation Day is coming up!

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