Friday, March 22, 2013

Rethinking Crash Bandicoot - Part 3

I've been getting into it pretty good and have something of a backlog of alternative Crash designs lining up. Here's a couple more from the past 24 hours.

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Pat Caldora said...

Nice designs Charles!

I do like the body proportions you gave Crash in your redesign. It gives it a more stylized and cartoony tone to it. A lot more angular by the looks of it too, reminds me of the design of the cancelled reboot Radical Ent. was developing in 2009/2010 (BTW, the cancelled title was named Crash Landed).

Say Charles, were any of the designs of Crash by Joe Pearson close to the final design you had in mind? I'm aware of the masked bandit esque one (the one with the tail and thug like look) but where they're more that came close to yours?

As said before, keep it up Charles!

Charles Z said...

Joe's designs were somewhat similar in that they had a few things in common as to the direction I was heading in but he was mostly doing his own thing. Joe's work had a big influence in the final look of Crash. ND responded very favorably to what he was coming up with and I in turn picked up on it as the design had to be engineered. The design of Crash had to work as something that made sense for the animation process. That's what I attempted to do off of Joe's work as per what ND was looking for. That plus give him a personality and bring the character to life.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Strange body proportions in this ones. I like it. Why don't you color everything other than the red fur? It would be cool to see if there are color changes :)

David said...

Good draws, Charles, but I prefer your original Crash style. You said that you redesinged Crash to experiment new stuff, wich is ok, but it's just that Crash became famous thanks to the old style,, it's the old Crash who stayed in our minds and wich we got used to. But it's good that you tried to make some changes in the character, but try to not alter his escense and style so much, just like i told you in the Coco Bandicoot posts the last month.

Charles Z said...

G - Two of the most basic pencils in drawing for animation are Col-erase blue and red. I used these to enhance each other and at the same time limit the color palette of the drawing and develop a different look for this particular body of work.

D - This is excellent practice if you're a character designer or aspiring to master the art. Plus it's healthy for Crash to go through some differing versions. The original Crash will always be there as far as I'm concerned. I can draw him anytime. Experimenting with his look is fun. Keeps him fresh and interesting while providing a creative challenge for me.