Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rethinking Crash Bandicoot - Part 4

The years have shown that one of the very interesting aspects of the design of Crash is how he's open to interpretation. His flexible looks show how inherently strong a character he is. That's how I see Crash. From what Joe Pearson and I did at the beginning along with other studios throughout the different games and even fan art that I see.

This version of Crash involves some body markings. The one that follows is... well... ya just gotta battle it out Crash and keep fightin' no matter what!

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Pat Caldora said...

My dreams have come true!

Charles, I absolutely adore the first one. I love how you combine all of the elements beyond the original/classic games (including the snazzy tribal tattoos and his spiky mohawk). It's not far from what I've imagine a combination/mix of Classic Crash and Modern Crash (Radical Era). I would've love to see this design in a future game sometime!

The second design is a pretty cool one too! It's sports the Classic design but with a tint of new threads such as the pants and shoes. I do love his grin, it resembles a rugged and beaten up hockey player or boxing player of sorts.

I'm gonna enjoy the direction you're going for Charles!

Charles Z said...

Glad you like it Pat. As I mentioned before it's fun and good practice to experiment with the look of Crash. The more of these I do the more ways I see of enhancing his design. The opportunity never really presented itself for me to work on the character of Crash since the earliest days of ND so this is a long overdo exercise.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Playing with a character design is good for practice indeed, but for the official releases the original design should be used in my opinion, in fact Crash in the original trilogy had a million animations and a lot of facial expressions, and also a quality level that newer games never reached. Maybe they changed Crash because the wanted it to be more detailed with more stuff on him, but he doesn't needed so much makeovers. What makes a great character is also how he looks. it' like redesigning Super Mario,everybody remembers Mario as a fat plumber that wears a hat and a salopette.
Obviously I'm not referring to your beautyfull works, I found those redesigns interesting as "Fan Arts". ;)

Jeff Burnett said...

Please see if Activision would be interested in hiring for a new Crash game. Please!!!