Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rethinking Crash Bandicoot - Part 1

I plan on developing an ongoing feature on my blog of experimenting with the look of Crash. I've been meaning to do it for some time now and in fact have attempted to work with his design in past entries. I picked it up again this evening while drawing with students in class. Let's have some see how far we can take this. 

I imagine myself challenged with the assignment of coming up with a new version of Crash similar to what designers at other companies have done over the years. My obstacle is that I'm so entrenched in drawing the Bandicoot in ways that are familiar to me that it's actually kind of difficult top break out of what I know when it comes to his look. If I diligently explore and apply myself I think I'll be able to find new ways of portraying Crash.

In the first attempt he's pretty straight forward except that I've modified his snout by reducing and streamlining the size of his nose. The second drawing is a slightly more aggressive redesign and something I'll be picking up on and continuing with next time. Subtle changes but ones that I can build on.

By the way...

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Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

The old one is and will forever be my favourite version of Crash Bandicoot.
I love not only the designs of all the characters but everything in those 3 games, and maybe that's why I don't really like the other games that came out after Crash Bash.
Those redesigns aren't that different however from the classic Crash that I love so much. Thanks for sharing it to us :D

Pat Caldora said...

Charles, I got to hand it to ya, this is the best Crash you ever did yet!

Hey Charles, not trying to be a bossy person but can we see the emotions that you drew of Crash and the other characters from Crash 1? If you recall, I posted them early Summer 2012 but due to my poor photo taking skills, they're not clear.

But take your time, I'm still looking forward to your other art too!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Gabriele and Pat.

G - It's fun and even healthy to try new things even with established characters. Good practice too. I'd like to migrate towards more extreme versions of a different kind of Crash over time.

P - I have copies of those poses but not the originals unfortunately. Will dig them up and post them later.

Pat Caldora said...

Thanks Charles!

Hey Charles, why don't you try your hand on the Crash Bandicoot designed by Radical Entertainment? Y'know, the one with the tribal tattoos and punk look? It could help build variety!

Charles Z said...

As much as possible I try not to walk a path that others have taken when it comes to exploring design. I'd rather go in a different direction if it's been done already but I'll consider trying something along those lines and see what happens.

hector inostroza said...

Charles, no si veras este mensaje o si entiendas espaƱol pero dejame decirte que te admiro mucho en tu trabajo y con crash, eres el mejor, suerte