Monday, December 03, 2012

A New Day

Hello everyone! I've been working on a project that I'm excited about. It's going to debut next month in January 2013 online and run for the entire year. I'm pretty sure you're gonna love the show. You've never seen anything like it. Something new and completely different. Kick ass characters in a story unlike what you've experienced before. My magnum opus. There's a large amount of content ready and I'm adding to it every day. I'm confident you'll enjoy it very much. Gonna start hyping it soon so I'm giving ya'll a heads up.

It's like a new day dawning! So I'm using this picture from 2007. I did the smiling sun with markers on white paper. This was part of the campaign for Animation Day in 2008. Seems appropriate considering what's on the way!


JackBarrington said...

Awesome Charles! I'm totally looking forward to learning more about this project :D

Charles Z said...

Hey Jack. I've been working on it intensely as of late. Excited to be at the point where I can finally share it with everyone.

It's starting out as an online comic. I have enough content completed where I can publish a page a day for several months and more progress is made all the time. This is going to be very different. I don't think there's anything that can quite compare to it. Especially considering its history.

One of the things I'm most enthusiastic about is that there's nobody in my way. With virtually every project I've ever done no matter where it was or who I was working with I always had to modify things or dumb it down or compromise. In every instance it affected the quality of what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve and not necessarily for the better. Very few situations if any gave me the freedom and latitude to really do my best. Everything was controlled to one degree or another and almost always turned into something lesser than what it could have been.

This project is pure. From the quality of the art to its production standards to the characters and story there's nothing between me and what I'm doing and the fans and audience. The path between the project and the public is completely clear and open. I'm confident you'll see how this affects the entertainment experience.

None of this would be possible without the Internet and the current environment for creating. I'm so glad there's a pure method of communication and distribution of content I can't begin to tell you. I talk about it all the time in class when I'm teaching and to anyone who's willing to listen. The age we're in for content creation has no precedent and I'm focusing the rest of my career to taking full advantage of it.

Anyway, it'll all come out once this gets going and you'll see what I'm getting at.

A New Day is on the way!