Saturday, December 22, 2012

ArtShark says "Merry Christmas"

I like to buck trends. That's how trends are created. 

When the Happy Holidays craze was in full bore in society I wanted the Academy's greeting to be "Merry Christmas". Prior to 2005  I had friends and students do the school's Photoshop work. Foremost being the latest ArtShark who is the Academy's logo/brand mascot. By 2005 I had picked up enough on Photoshop to start illustrating him myself. This is my first attempt at digital color on ArtShark.   


I added text to the full color image for a Christmas greeting on the school's website and blog. 

For educational purposes here's how this version of ArtShark developed. The drawing below is the final line clean up I made from the concept rough. This was scanned and the line work tightened and cleaned further in Photoshop.

It started with the initial concept rough which could grow out of a thumbnail sketch. With this approach the design information is built upon a core structure of the character's anatomy. The composition is constructed from the inside out. Thus the feeling of solidity and substance along with weight and volume.

And that's how this came about! So from everyone associated with The Animation Academy here in the heart of Burbank California USA to whomever may be looking and reading these words... A Very Merry and Happy Christmas to you and yours! 

May All Your Dreams Come True!

Keep Creating!

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