Sunday, December 02, 2012

Recent concept designs

Last year in 2011 during the summer for a few months on weekends I'd hook up with a friend who organized    a project. He assembled a team to develop the concept and asked me to lead on the characters. We'd meet at a local restaurant for lunch and drawing. A group of us would get together and toss around visual suggestions. I created quite a few pages worth of work. The project didn't get the legs it needed to move forward but it sure was fun and I got a lot of sketches from the time spent drawing and eating with friends and colleagues.

These images are for one aspect of it. The first two with black line pen and red pencil while the profile design was created with ball point pen and later colored in Photoshop.


Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

This reminds me of Avatar.

Charles Z said...

That was one of the issues I had with the project. That plus it was becoming similar to Jak and Daxter in some ways. I kept reminding them to keep it original. None the less I liked what was happening with these sketches.