Sunday, December 30, 2012

Head gear heads

In the summer of last year in 2011 I worked on a project for a while with a group that was looking to do something different with their approach to video games. Unfortunately it wasn't able to move forward due to internal issues they were having. But it did provide me an opportunity to create a good body of new images in a game related property. 

These guys were creatively influenced by Avatar and Jak & Daxter and it was a challenge at times to work with them as they got into a habit of heavily art directing which is not always beneficial at the beginning of a project. Much of what I came up with for the project shows the influence of their direction. None the less I still had a good time and there's plenty of content to feature as a result.

One of the characters they were attempting to come up with wore headgear and goggles so I created these concept sketches. I drew them in black line pen and later embellished some of the images with grey tones in Photoshop.

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