Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oldy but goody - When brush tip markers were new

Back in 1984 I was working on the second season of the He-Man animated TV series at Filmation Studios. One day a fellow artist introduced me to something I hadn't experienced before. Magic markers with a tip that simulated a paint brush. They're common today but back then they were a new novelty. Tried it out on this doodle for the first time. I used the marker to block in solid black shadow areas then embellished the light areas with some color pencil and a little white-out to give it life. I attempted to emulate a Frank Frazetta style. He was a great artist and perhaps the greatest fantasy illustrator that ever lived. I found this image in an old sketchbook I recently rediscovered.


Savannah Dittman said...

I love this

Charles Z said...

Thanks Savannah.