Saturday, September 21, 2013

Best of Jak and Daxter - Part 1

I spent the year of 2000 working on "Project Y" which eventually became the video game franchise known as "Jak and Daxter". I created a large volume of work. I would draw in the middle of the night since that was about the only window I could get as my day was preoccupied with operating my school as well as teaching. The Jak and Daxter experience was great one for me creatively in many ways. I've posted art from the development of the project before on my blog. This time I think I'd like to frame the presentation in terms of some of my personal favorites. 

So let's start with these images. They're concept sketches for a character that would best be described as a sage that relied on some sort of electrical technology for his unique power. There were quite a few versions of the character. These three are among the best.


Gainzarain Sonia said...

Woah, he looks so unique and full of life. I really like how you can make characters unique and simple or make them complex but easy to assimilate

Charles Z said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like these characters. I really enjoyed working on the concepts and tried to come up with something different.