Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crash Bandicoot Doodles

Last week I was drawing with a student using a technique called free form sketching. That's what I call doodling with a permanent medium such as black line pen without the advantage of an eraser. Good for building confidence.

I decided to practice drawing Crash Bandicoot. I came up with quite a few images. These are the ones I like the best. Some of them are drawn twice in an effort to improve upon the initial concept. Hope the Crash fans around here enjoy this. By the way...

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Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Love this ones, Crash is so great in your style, maybe because you basically created him eheh.
I would love a quick step-by-step crash drawing to understand how to draw him properly. I never get the snout right!
This is how I draw him (and Coco) right now:

Matt said...

Hey Charles, I have a number of questions about the Wumpa Fruit.

Were any other different fruit considered instead of creating one up from scratch?

Did you draw or design the Wumpa Fruit?

Were there any variations of the Wumpa Fruit?

And finally, was anything else ever considered to be inside the crates that Crash breaks instead of Wumpa Fruit?

Charles Z said...

Matt - No idea as to how the Wumpa Fruit developed. Wish I could answer your questions but this was all Naughty Dog.

Gabriele - You're a good artist! If you're experiencing difficulty drawing Crash or certain aspects of Crash then join the club. He's a tough character to sketch and it's a challenge for me at times to come up with an image that works. That's why I practice.

You don't see the bad drawings I do of him! ;)

The snout / mouth area is usually the hardest part. Maybe I'll come up with something that will help define the approach to drawing Crash so artists like yourself can have some basics as reference.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Thank you very much Charles :D, I appreciate it. I definitely will continue to sketch him more and more to get him right. So far of all the character the one that comes out the best in my style is Tiny:

Pat Caldora said...

Hey Charles, nice of you experimenting with Crash with the use of black pen!

I especially love the ones of Crash riding the skateboard, reminds me a lot like the Jet Board he rides on in Crash 2!

Chalres, I have a question. Did you design this portrait of Ripper Roo in Crash 2? I figured since you designed the characters and all so maybe you had a hand at this. Here it is:

Charles Z said...

Very good drawing of Tiny Gabriele! There's a lot to like about it.

Hey there Pat. The Ripper Roo design looks a lot like something I would've done but I'm not sure if a did it. I came up with the design of the long hair and mustache and maybe I did this particular drawing but I don't recall for certain. My guess is that someone at ND did it based upon a previous drawing I created. In any case the "Roo" on the scroll is not of my fashioning so I'm inclined to think that a Naughty Dog artist came up with this application of Ripper Roo's design.

Jacob Couch said...

These doodles are brilliant! Especially the ones of Crash on the skateboard (which around 2 years ago I drew an image of Crash riding a skateboard also!) After looking at this post, I might practice free drawing with a pen.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comments Jacob. Free form drawing is a great way to build artistic confidence in yourself and helps to develop imaginative sketching.