Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Komodo Brothers rotations 1997

Okay Crash fans here's more never before art that's being published for the first time. These drawings are of the Komodo Brothers. Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe. They were created in 1997 as reference for toys of the characters. The images are photocopies. The back views were drawn on a separate page and were merged with the front and side poses for display here. A small sketch of the other side of Moe's face can be seen in his rotation since his expressions is asymmetrical. Credit for the original creation of the Komodo Brothers goes to Joe Pearson. I followed up on what he conjured.



Matt said...

Strange how there were Joe rotations for the toys since a Joe toy sadly doesn't exist, they both should of come as a twin pack just like Moto Crash and Coco.

Gabriele.T92 said...

YES! Finally I will understand better how they are shaped and draw them properly! Thanks you so much for all this Crash Gold!

Jade-Amethyst-Scales said...

I think I might have squealed when I saw that these had been posted.

Was Moe always supposed to be less of a menace than Joe personality-wise, or are they just as evil as each other in the classic games, but just with a difference in intelligence? I know the Twinsanity concept art made it seem like Moe was just along for the ride.

Gabriele.T92 said...

Jde-Amethyst-Scales: Twinsanity changed every single personality of the classic characters that have a big part in the game.
Mainly Cortex, so nothing can be compared to the classic games, and yes Moe is actually evil because is the one that try to kill you shooting swords at you and making his brother spin.

Unknown said...

Whoah! The Komodo Brothers! Long time, no see!

It's a shame that these two never saw the light of day ever again after Crash Bash. They were a challenging boss in both Crash 2 and Crash Bash!

Oddly enough, Komodo Moe appeared in more merchandising than Joe did, like the action figure, plush dolls, stickers and all that. Sure is a mystery. They even appeared in Italian cookies:

Hey Charles, were your designs of the Komodo Bros and Tiny Tiger stayed faithful to the designs of Joe or did you add touches of your own?

Charles Z said...

Glad you enjoy the art for the Komodo Brothers guys.

Thanks for the link Pat. Very interesting to see this. Looks like they got the names of Moe and Joe mixed up in the cereal.

I stayed very true to Joe Pearson's initial concept designs for the characters. If anything was changed it was to make them animatable from the rough sketch he came up with. Figuring out how the graphics would work in animation was a big part of what I was attempting to accomplish whenever a design came from a source other than myself.