Friday, September 27, 2013

Character Expression exercise

A few days ago on September 13 my blog entry was a character rotation I came up with for practice while drawing with my students. You can see the entry here. This past week I moved on to facial expressions for one of the groups currently enrolled. I try and practice what I teach as much as possible so I created this series of expressions for the character used in the rotation.

It's really interesting to see imaginary characters come to life in the most basic of ways. Once the design concept is defined and we move into showcasing behavior the true essence of the character's personality begins to emerge. The individual expressions are established prior to the drawing of the assignment and students are required to make their character act accordingly. Of the drawings below each page contained 2 expressions for a total of 6 as you see here in the posted graphics. This was fun and everyone had a good time.


Unknown said...

I see that you used the ears and whiskers to show the characters mood as well.

Charles Z said...

Yes that's all part of it.