Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A different Mona Lisa - 4

Follow the trail starting with the last Mona Lisa entry and you'll see what's gone before. Meanwhile here's some more art for a personal creative theme I was developing in 2006 or thereabouts at a time when I was learning Photoshop and experimenting with what it could do. This is a great way to come up with content by the way. If you're looking for an idea and you're not sure what to do why not pick a song that you like and design concepts based upon your impressions. An excellent exercise in imaginative thinking. And for good measure I've included another video of the great Nat King Cole singing the song.

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Mike Cervantes said...

Thanks for showing these even at this stage they look good. This is where i struggle, and i need to step up his game when it comes to digital paint. That's where i know i can use help in. I've spent so much time putting ink and color on paper & canvas that i lack that final frontier of finishing up my designs.