Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crash Bandicoot 1 - Tribal Native concepts

I was digging in the Crash archives and found these obscure sketches dated March 1995. I don't know if they've been published before. If they haven't consider this another first. These are a couple of concept sketches for Tribal Natives that were to be part of Papu Papu's world. The last drawing is a final line cleanup of the version that Naughty Dog went with.


Pat Caldora said...

I remember the Natives, they were occurring enemies in Crash 1 by trying to block your goal. I'm surprised that they can see so much with that wad of hair. They must have eyes in the back of their head!

Hey Charles, check this concept art of a native being chased by insects. It somewhat stays true to your designs. This was drawn by Keith Webb who at the time was with Traveller's Tales developing Crash Twinsanity:

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Great to see the natives in their original form, in the game they look way smaller, here they look tall almost like Papu or Tropy without the hat. they appear only in 4 levels in the entire game but they are really difficult to dodge, especially if you don't know their path in the Hog levels. Speaking of the hog, is it a Boar or a Warthog? It looks like a Warthog because of the furr on the top of his back.

Mike Cervantes said...

Thanks for sharing these it shows your thought process, going from sketch to clean version.

Charles Z said...

Happy to share these images guys.

Thanks for the link Pat. Always interesting to see how others interpret the character.

Gabriele - I do have a warthog concept sketch somewhere. Probably other incidental animal characters too. I'll dig them up soon.