Saturday, October 05, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of Uka Uka - Part 2

Continuing with everyone's favorite evil voodoo spirit mask from Crash Bandicoot 3. The first two drawings are the last designs I did while working on the character on January 29 1998. At this point the look of Uka Uka had been pretty much finalized as per Naughty Dog. The follow up session on February 12 1998 started with a sketch of the definitive version of Uka Uka which is the third image below. These are photocopies of the originals made on the day I created them to keep for my records which I'm able to share with you now. 


Jacob Couch said...

It's nice to see how Uka Uka came to be. So any Crash characters left? How'd Tiny or N. Gin come to be?

Mike Cervantes said...

Hey there Charles

I love the simplicity of these designs, question did you start these in ink? From there did you clean up your design?

I catch myself doing more work than I should be doing I think. I first sketch, refine & clean, ink, and final color.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Absolutely LOVE the first one with the giant fiery bone! Thanks you for this, it's so interesting. It would be even more interesting if you can had some comment on them, I mean like why this one was changed/completely reworked, what was wrong with it and what was right with it, and so.

SimplyMark said...

I always thought that final design was nothing short of genius.

Pat Caldora said...

Wow! Uka Uka must've been an easy character to develop huh Charles?

I do like the first one. Gives it a caveman/stone age feel with the big bone attached to his head.

Hey Charles, whose idea was it to give Aku Aku an evil twin during Warped's development?

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your patience with my reply guys.

Jacob - Tiny was Joe Pearson's idea. I worked off of his concept sketches. Will show them down the line. I posted the only art I could find for N Gin previously. There's more but I haven't been able to locate it yet.

Mike - I didn't get to clean these up. They're the original concept sketches. I used black line over blue pencil or just went straight ahead with black line. The shading you see is from the blue pencil - Col-erase 20044. Since these are photocopies you're looking at gray scale. Makes blue pencil rendering look like something else.

Gabriele - I was going with the flow trying out whatever came to mind. Building upon each successive drawing until Naughty Dog was happy with the final look.

SimplyMark - Thank you!

Pat - Uka Uka was a lot of fun and not much of a struggle to design. The idea to give Aku Aku a twin was ND's as far as I know.