Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best of Jak and Daxter - Part 4 - Human Daxter

If you're familiar with the character of Daxter from "Jak and Daxter" you're aware that he's something of a ferret kind of creature. At a point during the game he turns into a human form. These are development sketches of him in that way from the year 2000 when the project was being developed. The  first drawing was for a random character whose look Naughty Dog liked. Later on it was used as the basis for the altered Daxter as can be seen in the subsequent images.


Pat Caldora said...

Hey Charles, once again lovely sketches of my favorite character in the series (in Ottsel form)!

Human Daxter appears in the beginning of the game once the duo travel to Misty Island. Daxter accidentally falls into a pool of Dark Eco. Thus, forming him into the little orange ball of fur we know and love today.

You can see the full scene here in action:

Mike Cervantes said...

Thanks for sharing that link Pat, i wonder if Charles had input on the story? and the transformation?

Charles Z said...

Thanks for the link Pat.

Mike - I had little input on the story of J&D other than influencing it by some of the concept sketches I was coming up with. I'm sure they contributed to the narrative that ND eventually put together.