Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crash and turn

Hello there everyone and a special greeting to the many Crash Bandicoot fans who frequent my blog. As I've mentioned previously my schedule and free time have been caught up with a lot of different things that pull me away from creative productivity lately. But I did have a chance this evening to punch out this 4 pose turn of Crash in the classic mode with some minor design variations. It was done as practice and also as a class demo on how to do a character rotation. Best regards to all and thanks for checking in. Hope you're doing well. 

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Crashing in...

Hello friends! It's a busy time and I have my hands full with the growth of my school. It's all good only it takes me away from posting as much as I would like. It also takes me away from drawing and art in general but I'm working on it! Meanwhile here's what I came up with a few days ago while helping a student understand how to draw straight ahead with a ball point pen.

Wish it could be more but at least it's something new and I'm keeping my Crash chops up. As always thank you for checking in and I'll be following up again soon.