Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Montgomery Thump Online

I've published the first 3 chapters of my independent project online. Here's the link. Lots more content on the way. New chapters each Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Montgomery Thump coming to Webtoon Canvas

January 19 2022 marks the 24th anniversary of my school's (The Animation Academy) very first class in the back room of the Coral Cafe in Burbank in 1998.
I'll be marking the occasion by publishing my first independent project. I've been developing it for over 40 years going all the way back to its inception in 1981.

This is the project that started the school.

It'll be featured as an online comic on the Canvas section of This is the self publishing platform of the site. Webtoon is the biggest online comic destination on the internet. A new chapter will be released each week. I'll be publishing the first 3 chapters on Jan 19. There's lots of content to follow. Original characters plus a fun story. It's going to be very different.

There'll be a dedicated FB group for the project plus Twitter and Instagram. I'll open everything up once things get going.

I'd like to thank this community on Blogger for following me for as long as you have. It'll be 10 years this spring since I started posting. It was the first place I went to when I began sharing my art online. You guys have been great and I hope you'll enjoy the show on Webtoon.  

Keep Creating no matter what !!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

First Drawings of the Creation of Spyro - January 14 1997

This month marks the 25th anniversary of when I first started working on the character that would become Spyro the Dragon for the original PlayStation video game console. Almost to the day. I was at Insomniac Games on the Universal Studios lot. It was January 14 1997.

By coincidence 2 days ago on January 14 2022 I dug up all of the original Spyro art which I own. There's 103 pages that I created for what was called "Project Pete" at the time.  This is the first publication of the very first page.

I created 16 pages of character designs on the first day of work. By the end of the second day Jan 15 1997 the count was 31 and I was tuning in to the character.

By day 3 Jan 16 1997 there were 38 pages and I had pretty much nailed the look of the little dragon that would become Spyro. On Jan 23 he was refined further and we had the final design.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Original Project On The Way

This coming Wednesday Jan 19 2022 I'll begin publishing my first original project. It'll be featured on Webtoon Canvas. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Crash and Spyro - Sketches and Commissions

Happy New Year Blogger friends! Hoping 2022 will be a terrific time for you! 
Though I haven't posted much recently I've had a few moments to keep my chops up with Crash and Spyro. This past year has been one of significant change for me and I didn't have an opportunity to create as much as I would like. But as the year progressed things opened up and I was able to get back to it.

Here's a little gallery of what I've been up to. Mostly sketching with friends and sometimes on my own. Also a few commissions I accepted. Some of these drawings were done straight ahead with ball point pen and some with blue pencil and ball point pen. It was great fun and I really enjoyed myself. I'm very happy that the Crash and Spyro characters and franchises have continued to grow over the years. I like drawing them. I intend on making 2022 a banner year for personal art and projects. 
Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Crash / Spyro Toy Display - McDonalds - 2005

A friend sent me this photo today. A Christmas gift they just received. It's a vintage 2005 toy display from McDonalds. Very cool present!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas !!

Hello friends! Hope you're doing great. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Alive and Kickin' !

Greetings friends! Hope all who read these words are doing very well. It's been a long time since I posted. Going way back to January. To say there's a lot that's happened and a lot going on is an understatement. Some major changes and for the better. I'm healthy and having fun experiences. Thank you for your comments in that time. I apologize for not following up but I really had my hands full and I needed a break. There were many things I had to attend to. Thank you for understanding.

I did have a moment to do a sketch of Crash. Started back on May 9 and finished it a few days ago on August 20. Love drawing Crash B!

For those interested I'll be live this weekend August 28 and 29 at the Ground Zero Animation Expo (GZA). I'll be conducting free character design lessons and doing a few demos for those in attendance. For more info or if you'd like to register follow this link to the GZA Expo.
This is a virtual expo. It's conducted completely online. You can attend from wherever you are. Here's a graphic I prepared for it. It features both ArtShark who is the mascot character for  my school and Crash.

 Thanks again! It's great to be back. I'll follow up soon with more. Good luck and best wishes to you!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Cover Art for "The History of Naughty Dog" - France

Early in 2020 I was contacted by an author in France who was writing a history of the Naughty Dog Studio for a publisher in that country. After 2 interviews I was contacted by the publisher and invited to create the cover art for the book. 

"L'Histoire de Naughty Dog" is being released January 29 2021. It's in the pre-order phase. Here's a link to it. You can see they changed the color and tone of the composition but that's okay. The original art is what I'm presenting.  

I was under a lot of pressure when I started this. The Covid lockdowns hit and I was overwhelmed with trying to work with my existing onsite students who were migrating online.

I'm also including the individual sketches I created which were all incorporated into the final composition.

The publisher was very patient and I was compensated well for the job. So here's the art for a fun and educational presentation. Thank you friends and Keep Creating !!


Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Jak and Daxter at E3 in LA - May 2001

Look what I found!

It was 21 years ago on January 5 2001 that I signed the contract for a new video game to be developed for the upcoming PlayStation 2 platform. It was ground breaking technology at the time and this game I was to develop characters for was to be among the very first produced for PS2.

The contract called for a year's work creating designs and character concepts from scratch for this game tentatively referred to as "Project Y". It was a also a ground breaking contract I negotiated that was far from the normal work-for-hire model that is common even to this day.

This was a monumental effort. I was so busy during that year the only time I could get to it was in the middle of the night. So I'd work from about midnight to around 4 AM and fax the images to the studio so they could have them for the next day.

I wound up creating 603 pages of character designs. In spite of at times very questionable art direction they came out very nice. The project was eventually titled "Jak and Daxter". In 2002 the character of "Daxter" won the coveted Best Character of the Year Award at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose California.

So in 2001 I took a trip with a friend using the LA subway system to the E3 Convention in Los Angeles which is the industry's Comic Con. What I saw was a complete surprise. I took pictures on my cell phone but they've been lost for years. But I'm going through my archives and found ...

This is the front page of the trade publication for E3 in May 2001.

This is a close up of the photo featuring the entrance to E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The giant banner at the top is the "Jak and Daxter" video game to be released later that year. I designed the characters and many others in the game.