Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special Project - April 1 2014 - What to expect

Hello again everybody!

Ready to rock?

In just a couple of days I'll begin the process of publication of the project's content. Here's what you can expect to experience.

This will be the launch of a character based franchise. A property that's been in development for many moons and whose time has come. You can expect to see an online comic / storybook. Chapters will be published thrice every two weeks. For example, on Monday and Thursday one week, on Wednesday the next and alternating that way as we build up from there.

There's a good deal of content that will take you into a special story. Characters you've never seen before and a narrative that is unusual. 

Here's what you can do to help this become even more special than it is. Help to promote it if you would please, through your own channels, networks and connections. Let's turn this into a creative experience that changes the way things are done. We can build an original worldwide franchise just by having fun.

If the website isn't ready by Tuesday I'll be publishing on my blog and then continue there once it's operational. In any case, publication will commence here with a great community I'm happy to interact with. 

Thank you friends! 

I'll be back on April 1 as we begin the journey!

Keep Creating!

Charles Zembillas
March 29 2014
Burbank California

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project on target for April 1 2014

Hello there all you cool people! We're on schedule for launch by April 1 next week. Only 7 days away! Thanks once again for hanging around for all this time while I worked on getting this special project ready for publication.

I'm excited that it's at this point and relieved that I'll finally be able to share it. It's been a long and winding road as the song goes. You'll get the full story of how the project came to be once it's up and we start moving forward in the development of the franchise.

Cuz that's what we're doing friends! We're getting an entirely new character based franchise ready to roll on the Internet! The response I'm getting so far from students, professional associates, close chums and assorted folk who've had a look at it has been very very positive and extremely enthusiastic. Everyone at my school can feel the energy. They can sense something. It's in the air!

I'm working with my webmaster preparing the dedicated website and getting social media ready.

I'll be checking in with a further description of what this is about on my next entry.

See you soon! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project update - Aiming for April 1 2014 release

Howdy friends and neighbors! Thanks again for indulging the long breaks between posts. Been staying on the special project I've been telling you about. Making progress every day even around the swirling life I live. I've been communicating with my webmaster and we're getting a dedicated site ready for the project. If all goes on schedule on the website side of things I'll be publishing at or about this coming April 1 2014. Just a few days from now.

I'll follow up soon to fill you in on what this is about and provide more information. In the meantime I'm really looking forward to sharing art with you again. This will be very unique and unusual. A long time in the making. My hope is that you'll enjoy it as much as I have developing it.

Thanks very much for the visits to my blog which continue to come every hour even though I haven't posted any visuals to speak of for weeks. I very much appreciate it and am looking forward to having a lot of creative fun in the company of all you cool people.

God bless! See you in a little while.

Charles Zembillas
Burbank California

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello there everybody and thanks for sticking around. It's great to be back. My blog's been getting steady visits even though I haven't posted an entry in more than a month since February 7. I appreciate the continued attention. At that time I was called on a personal mission / adventure. One which I wanted to do. I was away for more than two weeks. Since my return I've been trying to catch up on the back log of biz matters along with managing my school and immersed in creating the final content for the special project I've been telling you about.

I'm very happy to report that as of yesterday on Monday afternoon March 10 at around 1:30 I completed the last drawing for this particular body of work. It's still not finished as I must go through the process of line cleanup and colorization on this latest material. But the content is there. The creative goal for this specific aspect of the project has been reached and now I can make plans to publish with confidence.

I'll be back soon with more info. Right now I need a little time before I go into an intense creation mode to see this through to finality. When I do follow up I'll likely be announcing a launch date and share some of my plans for how I'll be going about publication.

In the meantime, I did have an opportunity to draw something else besides what I've been working on. This is a sketch from last week for a student upon request. She's a Spyro fan and asked if I would draw a few dragons concepts. So I came up with these. Hope you'll enjoy them as it was a fun break from my main focus for the past few months.

Thanks again for hanging out! Back soon. Cheers!