Monday, May 07, 2018

Crash Bandicoot - original BG concept paintings - 1995

Recently I received a copy of the Dark Horse Comics publication "The Crash Bandicoot Files" which is a printing of the production bible from the Willy the Wombat days. My art is all over this book. So is Joe Pearson's and also David Siller. Joe's writing is in it as well. I figure the 3 of us comprised more than 90 % of the content. I'd be surprised if it was any less than that. 

I got mine because Joe contacted Dark Horse and explained who we are and it's our stuff that's in their book. So they sent some complimentary books for us which was nice of them. Joe stopped by last week and dropped off my copy. This gave me a chance to connect with him and find out how much of his writing was in this which really helped clear things up for me. Comparing notes / memories and recollections was helpful plus we had a good time being together again.

In the middle of the book there's some double page full color spreads of the original color concept keys created for the game. The layouts were all Joe's and three of the color key paintings were mine.

Alas there was no notification giving creative credit as you would normally see with art books of this type. As I was studying these works I saw something that brought a smile to my face. At the time I was painting these background concepts I had very inconspicuously signed them!

Here they are along with blowups showing my name very tiny towards the bottom right hand corner of each composition. The originals were painted in acrylics. These are scans of color xerox copies that were made at the time they were created in 1995. They were in a folder within my copy of the original Crash bible which I suppose is a very rare thing.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Golden Girl - Class demo

This evening I made it a point to create a demonstration in class with acrylic paints. I sketched out a composition quickly in graphite on illustration board and used a very direct impasto like technique to apply pigment as I didn't have much time. Later I used Photoshop to touch it up in a few places and here's the result. Another example of making the best of both mediums. Also the follow up digital work helped me to figure out how to complete the acrylic painting if I wanted to bring it to completion. Not the greatest thing I've ever done but it was fun and good practice and we all learned something.