Thursday, February 23, 2017

Latest Demo Sketches

Often when I work with students I spend  much of my time going over their art or explaining methods they can use to make further progress with what they're doing. Then I find a window usually by request to create some demo art and such was the case today. The blue line sketches are from my Character Design 1 class at an onsite session in Burbank showcasing ways to come up with effective concepts utilizing very basic shapes. The color sketch was created in Photoshop very quickly for an online session. I had fun coming up with an alternative version of Shrek.    

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Universal Studios Hollywood on New Years Day 2017

Hello there !! A belated Happy  New Year to everyone! Hope all is well with you. Sorry for the long delay in posting and also in responding to recent comments. I've been going in so many directions it's been crazy. Good but crazy. Let me catch up by posting a couple of photos that Crash and Spyro fans in particular fans might appreciate as well as movie fans in general. 

This past New Years Day I was at the top floor of the Sheraton Hotel on the Universal Studios lot and shot these photos. The one below is the main high rise office tower at the studio. It was on the top floor of this building that Naughty Dog was located in the late 1990s. I worked on Crash 3 and maybe part of Crash 2 there. Not sure but I know I was there for Crash 3. Top floor corner conference room on the other side of the building. This is the view towards the west with the San Fernando Valley in the distance.

Here's the view looking north. That's the main Universal lot at the bottom of the photo with Burbank California spreading out along the foothills. Gives you an idea of the panorama I enjoyed when I was working there. The long white building at center left is where Naughty Dog was for Crash 2 and also Insomniac's offices were there as well. Both on the upper floors. That's where Spyro was born. The spotty debris at the top of the photo is from the window.

I'll be following up soon with more art to feature. Thank you for checking in. Wishing you well in all you do!