Saturday, September 19, 2015

Working on epic Character Design book

It may wind up becoming the best how-to character design book ever published. Certainly one of the best. I'm not aware of anything that can compare to what I'm authoring. It's going to be the most comprehensive educational resource on the subject in the industry. I've got 960 scanned files so far and many of these have multiple images on the page and still I'm scanning. I've accumulated a vast amount of material and have been gradually digitizing it. Much of the content is in the form of notes, lessons and demos created in class while I was lecturing or instructing individual students.

I've got it down to a fine art science. This is going to be a master work. The fundamental basics of Character Design explained in a way that will greatly benefit whoever applies these professional principles. The accumulation of what I've been teaching in the face to face classes at my school The Animation Academy in Burbank over many years. And even before considering that I started teaching in LA way back in 1985 and even before that at Hallmatk Cards in Kansas City in 1981.

These are the lessons that famous character designers in the animation biz use to teach their classes after they took classes with me. A great many of my students went on to lofty heights utilizing what I taught them and now I'm putting all of that knowledge and more into a publication that will have no equal. Much of the featured art will come from professional projects and shows I've worked on and will back up the ideas and methods I describe.

Once the scanning is complete I'll be able to get the art prepped for digital reproduction and lay it out along with text. Then it's off to the blue yonder. I'm confident you rising stars out there will appreciate it when it's ready. Hopefully not too long.

This is just one area that's keeping me busy. But I'm making good progress across the spectrum. Incidentally I've authored 2 books before and they've both turned into collector's items.

Thanks for your attention and wish me luck as I embark on getting this done!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Crash Cash

How many of you wonder who made the big bucks on Crash? Was it Naughty Dog? Universal? Sony? Activision? Others in between? Who wound up with all that Crash cash?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thank You !!

Since the time I started posting on the blog you guys have been great! That's going on 3 years and 4 months now. I've really enjoyed myself sharing art and getting old and new stuff out there. The blog's popularity with Crash fans has been an added plus and I truly appreciate the activity and interaction with many interesting individuals all this time.

I'd like to tell you that I'm working on a Kickstarter campaign for my school. It's taking up a lot of daily hours along with everything else that's going on. So I'm dedicating my efforts in this direction with the hope that we'll have a good response and The Animation Academy in Burbank will level up and we can start to operate as more of a studio and a publishing house along with other things like getting our lessons online. 

The campaign will be ready fairly soon I anticipate and it would be my hope that you great people here would be so kind as to help spread the word through your own networks when the time comes. It'll be a fun project and maybe folks will enjoy the twist it'll have. I've been creating several videos lately that are getting positive responses and are leading up to this. That's what's taking my creative time at the moment. I might start embedding the videos here for something different.

Meanwhile  thank you again for the great experience of building out my personal art blog with content which appears cool people like you enjoy. I'll be back soon with more! Wishing you Joy Peace Happiness and Creativity in your life.