Saturday, April 28, 2018

Animating Crash Bandicoot

Hello there one and all hope everything is excellent with you! I've been trying an animation app called Rough Animator. It's pretty good in spite of the many bugs. I've learned to work around them and am having fun while using the software to teach some basics.

Here's something I just finished. It's the very first time I've ever animated Crash Bandicoot. Not just pose him but actually get the character to move through sequential images. An 8 pose cycle animated on 4's.

I've been doing a lot of cycled animation lately thanks to this very easy to use program. It's inexpensive and the tools are limited. There's no tech support but it can do simple things and it's enjoyable and great for practice.

Anyway there ya go! Maybe we'll see more of him moving about and doing things.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Alien Angel - Traditional and Digital

You've heard of an earth angel. Well what about a non-earth angel? I had fun with this as it started out as a demo in acrylics on illustration board but time being what it is and the nature of the class session I used an alternative method to complete it. Here's the result in Photoshop.

Following the process backwards this is the third pass on coloring the composition. You can see more of the original painting showing through.

The second pass is where I starting the digital coloring.

And it began here with an under painting upon the graphite pencil line drawing.

Big difference! An analog method followed by a digital medium. The best of both!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Spyro Reignited Trilogy !! - Coming Sept 2018

When it rains it pours! A fan from Australia brought this to my attention as the trailer for the remastered original Spyro trilogy for PS4 and XBox One was released today. Toys For Bob is the developer and Activision will be publishing the series this coming September a full 20 years after the debut of the first game way back in 1998. Very impressive!