Saturday, August 28, 2021

Alive and Kickin' !

Greetings friends! Hope all who read these words are doing very well. It's been a long time since I posted. Going way back to January. To say there's a lot that's happened and a lot going on is an understatement. Some major changes and for the better. I'm healthy and having fun experiences. Thank you for your comments in that time. I apologize for not following up but I really had my hands full and I needed a break. There were many things I had to attend to. Thank you for understanding.

I did have a moment to do a sketch of Crash. Started back on May 9 and finished it a few days ago on August 20. Love drawing Crash B!

For those interested I'll be live this weekend August 28 and 29 at the Ground Zero Animation Expo (GZA). I'll be conducting free character design lessons and doing a few demos for those in attendance. For more info or if you'd like to register follow this link to the GZA Expo.
This is a virtual expo. It's conducted completely online. You can attend from wherever you are. Here's a graphic I prepared for it. It features both ArtShark who is the mascot character for  my school and Crash.

 Thanks again! It's great to be back. I'll follow up soon with more. Good luck and best wishes to you!


Landon Kemp said...

Great to hear from you again, Charles! Sure wish I could attend this expo, but unfortunately, I'm on a trip to KC to see my brother at the moment. We've got a few things planned. You think there might be a chance next year or something?

Hazman said...

Hey Charles! Glad that you're well and back again. Say I've did some work on Proportions for Bad Crash, so what's you're option?

Charles Z said...

Hello Landon! Hope you're enjoying KC. Hey there Hazman! Very good job on Bad Crash. Good to see you're still creating.

Geb said...

Mr. Zembillas is so nice to see you're doing well!
It's too bad I only now noticed this post, I would have loved to attend your online class. I sincerely hope there are going to be more livestream events like this one with you involved in the future.
Your Crash art is always a pleasure to look at, he looks so cute and pudgy here, like a younger version of his usual look, very nice.
Anyway glad you're back, hope to see you more often on the blog, have a nice day and be safe.

Charles Z said...

Hello Geb! Thanks for your comment. Hope you're doing great. The expo was very enjoyable. It didn't quite work out the way I thought but had fun none the less. I met lots of new people and spoke about what it takes to be an artist in this field. It was different since this was a virtual experience. My first and very positive. I'm moving more in this direction anyway so perhaps we'll have some live stream sessions after all in the near future. Stay healthy and keep your mind free from worry. Good luck to you!

TJC86 said...

Charles, I know this is a long shot.
I was trying to find you on Facebook so I could do this in a personal message but I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a kind of throw back sketch?
Dingodile's epilogue in Crash Team Racing said he created the Kanga-Rooster, Dingo-Rilla, Gir-Bat (I'm assuming Giraffe and bat)
I've always wondered how they would look in your style.
If not I completely understand.
Thanks for all the wonderful memories you've given me with your wonderful character designs.

Charles Z said...

Hi TJC86. At the moment I don't have much time to draw. It's a daily battle to free up creative space as I'm perpetually distracted by other things. The time I do have is devoted to personal projects I'm getting ready to publish. If the opportunity arises for drawing the characters you mentioned I'll do what I can. Thanks very much for understanding and thanks for your comment.

TJC86 said...

Absolutely, sir.
Again thanks for taking the time to respond to me.
Appreciate you

Geb said...

I'm so glad you had fun with live streaming and are thinking of doing more. I would totally stay up late to watch it (living in Italy means that there's like a 12 hours difference eheh).
If I may, I'd like to show you something. There are these characters introduced in a later Crash game, 4 masks who can control the elements (here is their original design: Since they don't look like the other two masks we saw before, I wanted to redesign them to look closes to Aku and Uka:
I would love some input from you, what's wrong with them, what can I improve, all of that.
I know you're very busy so if I'm asking to much don't worry, I understand.
Anyway, have a nice rest of your day!