Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Crash and Spyro - Sketches and Commissions

Happy New Year Blogger friends! Hoping 2022 will be a terrific time for you! 
Though I haven't posted much recently I've had a few moments to keep my chops up with Crash and Spyro. This past year has been one of significant change for me and I didn't have an opportunity to create as much as I would like. But as the year progressed things opened up and I was able to get back to it.

Here's a little gallery of what I've been up to. Mostly sketching with friends and sometimes on my own. Also a few commissions I accepted. Some of these drawings were done straight ahead with ball point pen and some with blue pencil and ball point pen. It was great fun and I really enjoyed myself. I'm very happy that the Crash and Spyro characters and franchises have continued to grow over the years. I like drawing them. I intend on making 2022 a banner year for personal art and projects. 
Thanks for checking in!


Hazman said...

Hey Charles! I love the great work in the sketches you do as usual. I really like the drawing's of Crash using a skateboard, Could make a good idea for a hobby of his. btw this drawing of Cortex and wanted know you're opinion on it.

Charles Z said...

Hey Hazman that's a good rendition of Cortex. You've got me thinking now about getting back to doing other characters. Those versions of Crash were drawn for a fellow that's into skateboarding. I'll probably work these up more. Have a Happy New Year!

Geb said...

It's always nice to see more art from you, i love this version of Crash, those big cheeks are adorable, I wanna pinch them!
I wonder how other characters would look like now, after all, it's been a good number of years since you last drew characters like Dingodile, Tiny, Ripper Roo etc.
I'm looking forward to see what you got for us, Crash or non-Crash related.

Charles Z said...

Thanks Geb. I was thinking the same thing with other characters from Crash. I plan on doing more.

GWKTM said...
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GWKTM said...


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Mister Gribouille said...

Hello Charles
I don't know if this blog is still active,
I just wanted to tell you that I made a new animation of Crash
(a batman parody) with your drawing style.

Hope you like it... if you read this

Charles Z said...

Mister Gribouille you did a fabulous job on the video! Enjoyed it very much.